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Faye Elahi, M.S, M.A. practices Orthomolecular Nutrition, which is simply giving the body what it needs in safe amounts.

Drawing from her psychology and nutrition backgrounds, Faye uses dietary and nutrition therapies to treat emotional, behavioral, and nutritional imbalances. These non-intrusive therapies are inexpensive, safe, and most importantly, they work!

Faye’s clients often feel more energetic and less anxious as a result of the elimination of food allergies and intolerances. Importantly, clients often save money on healthcare expense and food bills.

Faye Elahi holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Texas Woman's University, a Masters Degree in Child Psychology from the University of Nice, France, and a Masters Degree in Mass Communications.

She has had a Nutrition practice in the North Dallas area since 1989.

Her research work has been published in many journals by recognized professional organizations like the American Dietetic Association and others.

Faye's specialties include Celiac Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Down Syndrome, and Diabetes.

She is a requested guest speaker at various conferences, and currently serves as an advisor for the Lone Star Celiac Support Group.

Faye's Story:  Life Before and After Gluten Sensitivity Diagnosis

My story began as a child with chronic headaches, constipation and mild idiopatic anemia; in simple English this meant that there was no clinical explanation behind my low blood iron as I was eating meat and other iron rich foods as part of my daily diet.

Later, I developed mental fog and bloating, especially after eating pasta and whole grain cereal and other gluten-heavy foods! This made it very difficult to concentrate on my school work and retain information all throughout my college years.

After years of research and numerous medical tests in three continents, at age 38 I discovered that the source of my physical and psychological challenges was Gluten Sensitivity!!! At first I went through a complete shock! How could a tasty, wholesome grain protein, otherwise known as gluten, damage my small intestine? Could all my childhood issues have vanished without gluten in my diet?  Next, I went through denial.  This certainly couldn’t be happening to me?  How could all my doctors have missed this major immune disorder?  Then came the frustration associated with accepting a lifelong gluten-free diet.  How can I survive without my favorite gluten-heavy foods such as pancakes, crispy French baguettes, pizzas and occasional cakes and pies?

For the past 11 years, my two children, along with my husband and me, have followed a gluten-free diet and I must confess that the quality of life has improved noticeably for all of us. What seemed like an impossible task to replace some of our family favorites was made possible by turning our attention to their gluten-free counterparts which not only tasted good but were better for our gut health as well! My husband’s bad cholesterol has gradually dropped over the years, my college age son is ecstatic about his phenomenal memory, my daughter is enjoying lowered anxiety, and I have my clarity of mind! The journey to health was not without its challenges.  When I was first diagnosed, there was only one decent bread company in Canada and by the time I got it shipped to the US in an ice box, it cost about $20 per loaf!  Now every corner grocery store is carrying a choice of 3-4 different kinds of gluten-free breads that are sure to appeal to all.

Today, our journey continues to offer opportunities to learn and grow; the collection of our favorite family recipes that were also tasted by our gluten-sensitive community has led to the creation of my first book: Ready, Set, Eat: Gluten-free Nutrition Basics (2011).  In this book I discuss our unhealthy Western diet, the toxins that surround us, and their combined effects on health. I then offer step-by-step techniques that have helped my clients manage challenging diets free of gluten, casein, lactose, yeast, soy and other food allergens with tips on how to feed a picky eater.  With everyday recipes covering breads to ice cream, you're sure to find just what you're looking for. Recipes include brownies, flaky buttermilk biscuits, chicken potato salad, and lasagna - all free of food allergens.  The book has an easy to follow format which puts together a 4-week menu with full-color photos which should be motivation to anyone to try the Nutrition Foundation Program.

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  • My Physician had recommended I consult with Faye in 2006, but I did not make up my mind I needed to change my life to control my weight until mid 2007. I decided to take his advice and made an appointment. My goals were to get to my ideal weight by the end of 2008 and to improve my overall nutritional habits. While I am still working on both of those goals, I have had a few surprises along the way.
  • The first week or so on the diet we saw an incredible change. My son’s rages were fewer in number and less intense. Around the two week mark however, those rages peaked at an all time high. It was as though my son had turned into the incredible Hulk.
  • I just wanted to write and thank you for the huge role you’ve played in helping our boys already! As you know, we’re still sort of new on this journey, but we are so grateful that we were referred to you in the very beginning.
    Sunny & Nick
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