Nutritional Intervention for High Quailty of Life:

I am 69 years old and a continuing two time cancer survivor since initially being diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2006.  I had a prostatectomy in May 2007 followed by radiation and hormone therapy (Lupron) after a recurrence in 2010… In the meantime, a routine colonoscopy in June 2016 discovered colon cancer. 

[The] recommended oral chemotherapy after my colon cancer surgery had two noticeable side effects. The drug Xeloda apparently caused my PSA to significantly decrease and reset which was a good thing.  However it also attacked my already compromised lower back creating much discomfort and severely limiting my ability to walk and exercise. 

Over the course of surgery, chemotherapy and chronic back discomfort with limited exercise, I had gained over 25 pounds in a two year period… My next medical step per my urologist was to begin a regimen of Lupron to temporarily stall the PSA increase along with its unpleasant side effects.  My oncologist recommended delaying this treatment and promoted a quality of life approach.  

Kathy and I visited with Faye in early December 2017.  We discussed diet strategies, root causes of weight gain, healthy eating, cancer fighting foods and more. After 90 days in my new routine, I have lost 25 pounds and now am at my college basketball playing weight range of 170-175 pounds.  My PSA has decreased from 5.77 to 4.6 (19%).  I feel better overall, have more energy, have lowered my blood pressure, and have improved my flexibility when I exercise.  An added benefit is that my old wardrobe now fits once again saving me the expense of new purchases and alterations.

Roger Henson

March 2018

Plano, TX

Tween Boy with Asperger Improves Socially & Academically Through Diet & Nutrition:

Faye, I wanted to share our success with you, if you read below, you'll see my son's teacher selected him to be student of the week because of his improved focus and attention to his work!! Although he is oblivious to others feelings and body language, he has greatly improved academically and socially through all our dietary interventions! In fact, his teacher chose him to be the student of the week because he has been making good decisions in class and staying focused on his work. The teacher has seen a lot of improvement in that area since he started on his new custom multi vitamins and diet. BEFORE starting on this custom gluten-free, toxin-free diet and custom vitamins he used to get multiple checkmarks a day on his report card showing his poor social behaviors whereas AFTER the diet program, he has gotten a maximum of 1 checkmark in a week!!! We all are so proud of our boy.

April 2014
Plano, TX

Nutritional Intervention for Bone Density:

My trainer recommended I meet with Faye upon hearing my frustrations with my internist’s repeated tests for a low sodium level as well as the results of a bone density test indicating I was bordering on osteoporosis. Although I am in my 60’s, I am very active, watch my diet and work out regularly.  I did not want to start taking prescribed medications for these issues and was hoping to find another solution. Faye provided that solution.  After meeting with her and reviewing my diet and nutritional supplements, her recommendations resulted in improvements in both areas – my sodium level is now within the normal range and my bone density has improved.  One of the nutritional supplements Faye recommended was a multi-vitamin called Formula IV. It has made a great improvement in my energy level and overall well being. I highly recommend this product. Thank you, Faye, for making a difference in my health.

Celiac On Campus:

My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease in Aug. 2011. After almost a year of being gluten free she was still having health issues which her numerous doctors could not explain or help with. Because of this, I began to seek out other alternatives for healing. Thankfully, we found Faye. With Faye's guidance my daughter had more extensive testing done. We worked with her diet until reaching the conclusion that a Paleo diet was best for her. We tried many different supplements until we could find ones she could tolerate and we found an amazing doctor that was the last piece of the puzzle. With college approaching in the Fall of 2013, I was extremely worried about my daughter's ability to eat in a college cafeteria. A meal plan is required for all Freshmen living on campus. We met with the dietary department at the University and were told that exemptions for a full 100% discount had never been given and they would come up with some options for her. Needless to say, their options could not work for her because her sensitivity level to gluten, dairy, all grains, soy and sugar is off the charts.

With Faye's help we were able to secure a private room with a small kitchen in one of the newer dorms and get a full exemption from the meal plan by way of a refund for any unused dollars at the end of the year. Without Faye's assistance this could not have been accomplished. I have no doubt that if we had not found Faye my daughter would still be sick. She has been such a blessing in our lives.

Dorothy writes:

A little over a year ago our son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. After several months of Occupational Therapy, we still felt like there was a huge piece to the puzzle that was missing. Our son would have daily temper tantrums. He would rage, scream, throw things, as well as wet himself. The rages became more frequent and more intense. On the advice of a friend, I had him tested for food allergies and sensitivities. The results were overwhelming. He was allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, corn, tomatoes, chicken, eggs…..the list went on and on. The Dr. that conducted the test offered very little advice and I left that visit feeling even more confused. I had heard of Faye Elahi from a friend and after reading the information on her website, I made an appointment. Meeting Faye was an answered prayer. She went over the results of the test and helped me to understand what was going on in my son’s body. Faye was kind and understanding and immediately made me feel at ease. Faye put together a recovery plan for my son that included removing the foods that he was sensitive to and helping to heal his “gut” with the right combination of priobiotics and vitamin supplements. While Faye carries many of the supplements in her office, she was also more than happy to give me a list of supplements that I could find at Whole Foods or Sprouts as well. After my visit with Faye I felt empowered and hopeful.

The first week or so on the diet we saw an incredible change. My son’s rages were fewer in number and less intense. Around the two week mark however, those rages peaked at an all time high. It was as though my son had turned into the incredible Hulk. I immediately emailed Faye and she quickly responded. She told me that she wasn’t surprised at all. My son was experiencing a “detox” effect. All of the toxins he had been ingesting were beginning to leave his system. Faye offered me some advice to help with his mood and we started him on a magnesium/B combination supplement. After about two weeks something incredible happened. The rages were fewer and further between. My son’s potty accidents also stopped. I told my husband, I felt like my little boy who had been gone for two years was finally back. Of course we still deal with tantrums, what parent doesn’t? However, the tantrums are now typical for a five year old boy.
My one visit with Faye was more helpful and more beneficial than the countless visits with “specialists”. Faye is so very knowledgeable when it comes to understanding nutrition and how that affects your body. Nutrition is foundational to everything that we do. It makes total sense that the fuel we put into our body can have a direct effect on our health (both physical and psychological). I will always be eternally grateful to Faye and feel so lucky to have such an amazing resource right here in the Dallas metroplex! Thank you Faye!

Debbi writes:

My Physician had recommended I consult with Faye in 2006, but I did not make up my mind I needed to change my life to control my weight until mid 2007. I decided to take his advice and made an appointment. My goals were to get to my ideal weight by the end of 2008 and to improve my overall nutritional habits. While I am still working on both of those goals, I have had a few surprises along the way.

At my first visit, Faye had asked me a series of questions that led her to believe I might have Celiac Disease. The key symptoms she noted were chronic constipation and chronic borderline anemia. I agreed to be tested and sure enough, I was Gluten Intolerant…and most likely Celiac, even though I have not had the biopsy to prove my small intestines are damaged….it’s a pretty safe assumption they are to some degree. She also indicated the two worst things about my diet at that time were I consumed way too much sodium for someone who is hypertensive and I ate out too much.

After cutting back my sodium intake to the levels Faye suggested, my average BP readings have gone from 145/88 to 115/70. I will likely be backing off on my medication soon. My Physician will be so thrilled! I have lost 30 pounds in the past 3 months, which is exactly the rate of loss I want.  After deciding to take the plunge and start a Gluten Free diet, I had an unexpected side benefit….my horrible gas and bloating I seemed to always experience after eating lunch just disappeared. It was like turning off a light switch!

After a few weeks of my Gluten Free dieting, it was time for my now monthly appointment with Faye. I told her I had relief from the bloating and gas, but was still experiencing constipation. She advised that I was likely Casein intolerant as well, and should avoid all milk and mild products. Boy did that limit my already shrinking options of what I could eat out and what I could buy that was processed in any way! The good news is, after a couple of days of no milk products, I was regular as could be with no laxatives or stool softeners. Turns out my light bulb was a three way!!

Even though I am still learning and adjusting to my new lifestyle, I feel Faye has helped me tremendously with my nutritional knowledge and digestive health.


Sunny & Nick write:

I just wanted to write and thank you for the huge role you’ve played in helping our boys already! As you know, we’re still sort of new on this journey, but we are so grateful that we were referred to you in the very beginning.

When the boys first received their diagnoses (Campbell with mild-to-moderate classic Autism, and Luke with “borderline” Autism Spectrum Disorder) in January, 2008, we were devastated. We were told by our diagnosing physician that, for Autism, there was no known cause, no known cure and our best bet for any possible improvement was simply therapy. At the time of the dx, the boys were 2 yrs 9 mos. old and, in addition to their behavioral ASD symptoms, they had also suffered from chronic congestion, runny noses and diarrhea off and on since 1-2 months of age. No one had ever suggested food allergies or dietary interventions for these conditions, and they certainly didn’t suggest them as a treatment for their ASDs. Admittedly, we did not find much hope in the prognosis and treatment plans offered by our physicians.

Thank God, I met another mom at Campbell’s speech therapy whose son was several months ahead of us on this path, and she suggested our first step was to see you. She started us on the road to researching “Leaky Gut” and understanding the undeniable connection between our boys’ immune systems, digestive systems and their brain function. From our very first meeting with you, we’ve had hope---we now understand the impact that dietary and nutritional intervention can have on our boys’ health and we are so hopeful for their futures. Per your suggestion, we took both boys off of milk immediately--and I can tell you, neither one of them has had so much as a sniffle since doing so! They’ve had no fevers, no congestion, no coughs---nothing!---for 8 months!---and these are toddlers that are in pre-school, church and Mothers’ Day Out with a host of other toddlers---that, to us, has been amazing! J In addition, since starting the GFCF diet and adding the nutritional supplements, we have seen incredible changes in their behaviors and development.

Campbell, who is more severe, had no words and virtually no eye-contact in January. He did not respond to his name, he interacted with us very, very little, and he was completely “checked-out” emotionally most of the time. As his mom, it was heartbreaking to watch… Today, Campbell is like a different kid. He has around 50 words he uses spontaneously (and he can repeat many, many more), he is responsive to us, his eye contact has improved drastically, he comes looking for us and shows affection, he gets his feelings hurt, he cries and throws fits when he’s upset, he smiles and laughs when he’s happy, and, while he can still check-out on us from time to time, he is quicker to “come back” and be present---which is HUGE! One of the most interesting and tangible forms of proof we’ve seen of the gut/brain connection came when we cut his sugar back and removed the rice from his diet. While we were following the GFCF diet, Campbell was still getting too much sugar (through fruit juices or processed GFCF snacks) and he had self-selected a mostly rice-based diet. In June, we decided to cut out rice, and, per your advice, we cut his sugar back to 20g per day and we ensured he was only getting natural forms of sugar (i.e. Agave, honey, Stevia, fresh fruit, etc.)---no more refined sugar. About a month after making that change, we began to see behavioral regressions (stimming, tantrums, aggression, staying checked-out longer, etc.). We were very upset because we didn’t understand what was happening. Then, for several days, he had the nastiest, smelliest, weirdest diapers---and they were full of undigested foods (foods he hadn’t recently eaten!) and YEAST! It was clear he was dumping serious junk from his little gut. At that same time, his therapists began commenting on his concentration and annunciation drastically improving—and, in that same week, he all of a sudden began saying his numbers and letters (and identifying them on signs and t-shirts, etc.)---he knew ALL of them AND he could make their sounds. It was AMAZING!!! We then knew what we had just witnessed---we had seen him go through the obviously uncomfortable process of his body dumping bacteria/yeast from his gut, and then it was as if a fog had lifted for him. We knew we had tangible proof of dietary/nutritional intervention!

As you know, Luke has also continued to make significant strides. He has a lot less ground to make up than Campbell, but he has steadily gained new words and his ability to communicate, reason, problem-solve, etc. has continued to get better and better---so much so, that we were recently told to consider mainstreaming him in preschool sooner rather than later, which was such a joy to hear!

While we know we still have a long way to go on this journey, we are so very grateful for you and the hope you’ve given us for our boys’ futures. Not only have you been a brilliant resource of information and guidance, you’ve also been so supportive emotionally, and you’ve obviously worked hard to help us figure out ways to do these treatments as financially reasonably as possible. I don’t know too many practitioners in any field who work as diligently as you do in that regard. You have been, and continue to be, one of the great blessings we’ve found on this path. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. It’s so rewarding now to get to tell new moms on this journey about the hope they can find in your practice---just as I was so fortunate to have heard it from my friend back in January.

We wish you continued success and many blessings,

-Joann & Nicholas

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  • My Physician had recommended I consult with Faye in 2006, but I did not make up my mind I needed to change my life to control my weight until mid 2007. I decided to take his advice and made an appointment. My goals were to get to my ideal weight by the end of 2008 and to improve my overall nutritional habits. While I am still working on both of those goals, I have had a few surprises along the way.
  • The first week or so on the diet we saw an incredible change. My son’s rages were fewer in number and less intense. Around the two week mark however, those rages peaked at an all time high. It was as though my son had turned into the incredible Hulk.
  • I just wanted to write and thank you for the huge role you’ve played in helping our boys already! As you know, we’re still sort of new on this journey, but we are so grateful that we were referred to you in the very beginning.
    Sunny & Nick
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